Lucy Wightman
lucy wightman

Winged Rabbit by Lucy Johnson





Once there  lived a little rabbit who wanted wings so he could fly.

His mother said he was too young so he went to a wishing well.




But all he could see was his reflection in the water. 

He was tired. 

He went to squirrel’s house.



But squirrel said NO.

Because he would take up too much room.



It  became night. 

It was dark out. 

The moon was shining.




So the next day he went to the wishing well. 

He said the magic words cuboombcu. 

He had wings.




He went home again.  His mother was not home.





She was not home because

she did not want a rabbit who had wings.


So he went back

to the wishing well.



Reader Comments (1)

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. So sad.
Even at such a tiny age he felt everyone disapproved of, omg even the creatures of Pooh. He played out his wish all the way to Mom; ultimately certain that Mom would do what he feared most; be gone like a puff of smoke (indeed). No trail, no do-over, just the success of that well, his only chance to bring things back to "normal", tethered and oppressed.

Do you think bunny used the magic word? How good did those wings feel?

Beautiful story. I'm glad someone saved it.

11-3-2008 | Unregistered Commentergreen ticket

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